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Ortho-K in Longmont

Have you considered orthokeratology for your eyes? It may seem like a strange concept, but it is real, and available here at Longmont Vision Center. If you use glasses or contact lenses and would prefer to have clear vision without them, but don't think LASIK surgery is something you want to do, you may want to consider Ortho-K contact lenses. They are different than any lenses you've ever used, and you will have a clear vision during the day without wearing any lenses at all.


Our Longmont Optometrist Offers Ortho-K Therapy

Not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK, and not everyone who is a good candidate for it wants it. It is surgery, after all. Some people just don't want that degree of poking and prodding around on their eyes to get the surgery. And, that is perfectly okay. If you don't want LASIK, or can't get it, you can still enjoy clear vision without lenses with Longmont Ortho-K therapy.

Ortho-K is a unique method for changing the way your cornea refracts light, without using any surgery at all. The shape of the cornea either refracts or bends incoming light, and the way it does this affects how clearly you see things. If your cornea isn't refracting or bending light properly, you may have some blurriness in your vision, usually with either far away (nearsightedness) or close up (farsightedness) objects. If both near and far objects are blurry, maybe with a touch of double vision, too, you may have astigmatism. The usual way for fixing these issues without glasses or contact lenses is with laser surgery like LASIK, to re-shape the cornea.

Ortho-K therapy is done with specially made contact lenses that are crafted to fit your corneas and yours alone. You wear these lenses only at night, which is the opposite of regular contact lenses. While you sleep, your Ortho-K lenses will change the shape of your cornea. When you take them out when you wake up, your vision will be clear while also being lens-free.

How Long Do the Benefits of Ortho-K Treatment Last?

Usually, the clear vision Ortho-K lenses give you last for one or two days at a time. Sometimes, it lasts a little longer, depending on the unique patient and their eyes. You could go a day or two without wearing them at night to test it. But, to get the best results, your Longmont optometrist recommends you wear the lenses every night. This way, you maintain your clear vision during the day all the time. The good thing about these lenses is that the treatment is reversible. So, if you ever decide you don't want to wear them anymore, just stop putting them in at night, and go back to wearing regular glasses or contact lenses. It's easy.

Visit Longmont Vision Center Today!

If you think that Ortho-K therapy is something you want to try, contact your Longmont eye doctor at Longmont Vision Center to schedule an exam and evaluation. You can contact us at 303-651-6700 or visit us at 412 Main St. Longmont, CO  80501.

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