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Can My Eye Doctors in Longmont Help Me with Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are a modern marvel, and for those who were formerly relegated to glasses or bad vision, they’re a lifesaver. If it’s your first time considering contact lenses, however, you doubtless have a wide range of questions. Longmont Vision Center answers a few of the most common below.

Contact lens exam in Longmont, CO.

There are several eye doctors in Longmont from which to choose. We understand you have a range of choices, which is why Longmont Vision Center strives always to provide the highest standard of care anywhere in the Longmont, Colorado, area. We love our patrons, and we want them to love us too. If you visit the eye doctors in Longmont at our office, you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Why Do I Need to Start with an Eye Exam if I Already Have a Prescription?

This is a good question. Contact lenses are not like glasses. You don’t just see through them; they have to mold directly to your eye to be comfortable and effective. Thus, doctors need to take special care to ensure that they perform an eye exam that takes all the variables into account. Even if you’ve already had an eye exam for glasses, you’ll need another before you can get lenses.

What Kinds of Contact Lenses Can My Eye Doctor Provide?

Your eye doctor can offer many types of contact lenses. You may choose soft lenses or hard ones. If the latter is better for you, you might want rigid gas permeable lenses, which allow oxygen flow to the eye and are less likely to cause problems. Other options include daily wear, which you put into a contact case at night, extended wear (some are 7 days, some are 30) and disposable contacts. Your eye doctor can explain more when you meet.

Are Contact Lenses Dangerous?

Not if you follow instructions carefully. The danger from lenses comes when you don’t wash them or take them out when instructed, which allows protein and bacteria to build upon the lens. This can cause an eye infection that, if not properly dealt with, can lead to serious consequences.

Contact lenses also do not get “lost” in your eye. They can get stuck under the lid, but usually, you can take care of this yourself. If not, see your optometrist.

Where Should I Order Contact Lenses from?

You can order contact lenses from your doctor, a pharmacy or online retailers. If you do go outside your optometrist’s office, make sure you buy from a reputable dealer. You may be able to get a slightly cheaper price elsewhere, but unless you’re sure about the quality, it might not be worth it.

Come See Our Trusted Optometrists in Longmont, CO for Eye Care Today

Our optometrists Longmont Vision Center would love to help you find the right lenses for you. In addition to Longmont, our optometrists also serve Niwot, Hygiene, Lyons, and Firestone. Please call us at 303-651-6700 to learn more about our eye care options and set up an appointment today. We looking forward to becoming your eye care provider for life.

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