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Information on Cataracts from Our Optometrist in Longmont

Here at the Longmont Vision Center in we offer complete treatment for cataracts in Longmont, CO. If you are concerned that you may have a cataract, or you are ready to treat your cataracts, we can assist you. Drs. Trudell and Cottrell are highly credentialed and experienced with optometrist services. See how your Longmont optometrist can help you improve your vision today.

Man getting checked for cataracts.

Cataract Symptoms

A cataract is formed when proteins stick together and create a film over the eye’s lens. If you have a cataract on your eye, the first symptom is cloudy vision caused by the cataract. You will eventually experience a lack of night vision, which can make night driving dangerous. This is because cataracts will turn yellow or get darker over time. This creates a shade over your lens. You may also see halos around lights or the sun, which is another concern for night driving. As your cataract expands and ages it makes it even more difficult to see clearly and even colors begin to change hues. At this point, you want to consider getting your cataracts removed using the care of your Longmont eye doctor. 

Cataract Causes

Finding out cataract causes can help you overcome the likelihood that you will get a cataract in the future. These risk factors include a lack of eye protection in the sunlight or spending too much time in the sun. You can also increase your chances of getting a cataract by taking steroids or being exposed to radiation. Some lifestyle changes can help you protect your eyes against cataracts. If you are a smoker or have high blood sugar, then you have an increased risk of getting a cataract. Fortunately, by reversing these lifestyle choices and taking a few other precautions in your life, you can help prevent cataracts. 

Cataract Treatment in Longmont

Thankfully you can get cataract treatment in Longmont at the Longmont Vision Center. We will begin with a diagnostic appointment to determine the severity of your cataract. From there we can create a treatment plan. This may involve co-management of cataracts in the instance that your cataract is not severe enough to require surgery. If you do need eye surgery for cataracts we provide referrals and post-operative care for eye surgery. We also provide medications and eye drops by prescription to help combat the symptoms of cataracts. This can help to ease the pain or discomfort associated with this eye condition. If you are ready to get treatment for your cataracts we are here to assist you.

Contact Our Local Longmont Optometrist for More Information Today!

At Longmont Vision Center we want to be your preferred optometrist in Longmont. We provide comprehensive eye doctor services for patients in Longmont, Niwot, Hygiene, Firestone, and Lyons. To schedule, your appointment for cataract treatment contacts our office at 303-651-6700. As your Longmont eye doctor, we are currently offering 20 percent off of eye exams for non-insured patients.

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