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Children's Eye Exam in Longmont

Healthy, functional eyes and clear vision should be on any parent's health checklist for their children. Normal vision development is an essential aspect of growth and learning, both in school and in simply getting to know the world. That's why Longmont Vision offers comprehensive eye health, eye function, and visual acuity testing to make sure your little one's eyes are working well and detect any issues that need corrective treatment. We hope you will come to count on our team as one of your family's trusted Longmont pediatric care resources.

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Longmont Pediatric Care at Our Eye and Vision Clinic

During the first 6 months of an infant's life, the eyes and the brain are learning how to work as a team, with the brain interpreting the visual signals that enter the optic nerve and sending the proper directions to the muscles and other structures that regulate eye function. But by the time most children are 6 months old, the fundamentals of visual function should be in place; this makes it the perfect time to schedule your baby's first eye exam. During this initial exam, we will focus on eye function basics such as eye teaming, focusing skills and the ability to track objects visually. If we notice disorders such as strabismus or amblyopia, we can recommend the proper treatments to correct it right away.

Your children will need their next exam when they reach the age of 3. This is the age when we can really start to interact with them and ask them whether an object appears blurry or clear. In addition to the standard eye function testing, we will also use a special kind of eye chart called a LEA chart, which displays symbols instead of letters. This gives us the means to diagnose refractive errors such as nearsightedness and farsightedness from a very early age. At the same appointment, we will also administer eye health examinations to look for possible eye diseases or retinal problems.

The third major Longmont children's eye exam should occur right before your child enrolls in a school for the first time. This eye exam adds tests for color blindness and depth perception while also including detailed visual acuity testing. The latter is particularly crucial for this stage of life because an estimated 80 percent of school education comes in the form of visual information. An undiagnosed vision problem can affect kids' academic performance to the point that a learning disorder is wrongly diagnosed. Additionally, straining to see the blackboard or read textbooks can cause eye fatigue, headaches, and another discomfort. We can diagnose any degree of nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism and prescribe corrective lenses -- including contact lenses for kids who engage in sports activities.

Need to Schedule a Longmont Children's Eye Exam?

Give your children's eyes the best possible start in life by scheduling a Longmont children's eye exam. Call (303) 651-6700 today for an appointment so we can administer this essential form of Longmont pediatric care!

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