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Computer Vision Care from Your Longmont Eye Doctor

For most of us, a digital screen represents an essential portal to the flood of information we must work with and assimilate every day. But whether you spend most of your time gazing at a PC monitor, laptop screen or handheld digital device, the result may turn out the same -- an irritating and possibly damaging syndrome known as computer vision.  The good news is that you can continue to use your essential devices while overcoming the symptoms and risks associated with computer vision. Your Longmont eye doctor at Longmont Vision Center, Dr. Trudell or Dr. Cottrell, can provide you with treatment for your current symptoms and recommendations for avoiding such symptoms in the future.

Woman struggling with her vision after using the computer.

Computer Vision Symptoms and Complications

Many people who dismiss their eye discomfort at the end of a long day as a simple case of "tired eyes" may actually be suffering from computer vision. This syndrome (set of related symptoms) is the result of too much uninterrupted time spent staring at a digital screen. This behavior causes such typical computer vision symptoms as:

  • Redness, itching, and dryness (from a reduced rate of blinking)
  • Neck pain and shoulder pain (from tilting your head awkwardly)
  • Eye strain and fatigue (a reaction to glare)
  • Blurred vision (due to tiredness in the eye's focusing muscles)

If you have a refractive error such as astigmatism or presbyopia, or a functional problem that affects your visual processing, you may be especially prone to computer vision symptoms. Whatever factors are at work, it's vitally important that you protect your eyes from the potential damage of excessive computer use. Not only can chronically dry eyes eventually cause corneal ulceration and other eye problems, but the blue light produced by LED screens (a frequency range is known as high energy visible or HEV light) may put your eyes at risk for retinal diseases such as macular degeneration.

Filtered Lenses, Vision Therapy, Lifestyle Changes and Other Computer Vision Solutions

Whatever problems you're currently experiencing with computer vision, rest assured that your optometrist in Longmont has the solutions. We will evaluate your visual acuity, eye function, and underlying health to add up all the elements contributing to your computer vision symptoms.

Your Longmont eye doctor can recommend numerous treatments and preventative strategies to fight computer vision. Anti-glare lens coatings or special computer glasses can reduce the exposure to glare and HEV light. You may also benefit from eye drops and "blink breaks" to keep your eyes comfortable and healthy. Workplace changes such as adjusting ambient light levels and monitor height can reduce both eye strain and neck/shoulder stress. eye function problems that worsen computer vision can be addressed through vision therapy and other forms of care.

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