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Posted on 02-27-2017

Workplace Eye Wellness from Our Local Longmont Optometrist

When we think about workplace eye wellness and threats to it, we may first think about things like sharp objects. Those are a danger in some jobs, but more pervasive these days is damaging blue light from computer screens.

Man experiencing computer vision symptoms.

Computers are making their way into more and more jobs and lives. In fact, about 90% of people report using a screen ( a fluorescent digital device) for over 2 hours daily, and half of those people are using two devices at once, according to The Vision Council.  

Computer Vision Symptoms

Computer vision syndrome describes eyestrain and damage from computer-emitted, high-energy visible (HEV) light in the blue spectrum. HEV light also comes from TVs and the sun, so almost everyone gets too much exposure.

Symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Red eyes
  • Dry, gritty-feeling eyes
  • Poor sleep (especially if computers are used near bedtime)
  • May contribute to development of cataracts and macular degeneration, which can cause blindness

How Our Optometrist in Longmont Helps Computer Vision Symptoms

Treatments for computer vision syndrome from our Longmont eye doctor include:

  • Tinted glasses that help filter blue light.
  • Anti-glare lenses that help diminish fluorescent lights on computer screens.
  • Middle distance glasses the optimize vision for the distance from eye to screen.
  • Vision therapy, which is a type of physical therapy for the eyes. Vision therapy exercises that improve eye-to-brain coordination.

Expert Advice to Avoid Computer Vision Syndrome

Our Longmont eye doctor recommends that you:

  • Adjust lighting to avoid glare on your screen.
  • Use a screen protector.
  • View the screen from about 20" away.
  • Enlarge the screen font.
  • Take short breaks from staring at your screen every half hour or so, and switch your focus to something in the distance for about 30 seconds.  

If your work environment has a high level of particulates in the air, hazardous chemicals, or potential exposure to disease, be sure to wear eye protection approved for your work setting by the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Contact Our optometrist in Longmont for More Information Today!

If workplace eyestrain is a problem for you, or if you'd like to make sure your eyes are healthy, schedule your annual eye exam with our optometrist at Longmont Vision Center. Contact us at 303-651-6700 today.

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